REPORT: Bell Canada and the Graham-Boeckh Foundation release report looking at integrated youth services in Canada

July 29. 2022

Bell Canada and the Graham-Boeckh Foundation have released their report titled Integrated Youth Services in Canada: A Portrait.

The report covers a range of topics related to Integrated Youth Services (IYS) as they currently exist in Canada. Commissioned by the Bell-Graham Boeckh Foundation (GBF) Partnership, it describes IYS as a system of care transforming youth mental health services in Canada and internationally. The report features four IYS networks across Canada, including Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario.

The report outlines the foundational principles and core components of IYS, its evolution and related research evidence, as well as its achievements, challenges, and opportunities, moving forward. It wraps up with an observation of the promise of IYS for Canada and its youth, should
challenges to its sustainability be addressed. IYS, including a pan-Canadian overview, history, achievements, evidence, and future opportunities.

We encourage you to read the report, as well as a two-page summary.

Supporting YWHO and My Wellness Passport Expansion 

GBF and Bell have supported YWHO by funding the “My Wellness Passport Expansion” project, which expands YWHO’s data platform, My Wellness Passport, to 10 additional Ontario-based integrated youth services sites to implement its evaluation framework.


If you have questions about YWHO, please email

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